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December 6th 2017

Please note that the Hammar MMA show appears for a few minutes on this podcast. Please fast forward a minute to enjoy Cosmik Repercussions.

December 6, 2017 show is a rebroadcast of a show that originally aired in 2013. The show starts with Faithless' What About Love from No Roots, followed by Telefuzz's Sayshell and Tasp from the Financiers of Samsara. Hamilton's Junior Boys and Afternoons in Stereo are featured next. Ree played So Sleep from Junior Boy's In the Morning EP and Snowfall from Afternoon in Stereo's album 5. From the CFMU compilitation Everybody Dance Now #8 we heard Dapni's Ye Ye (AKA as Caribou and Manitoba and hailing from Dundas, Ontario). Download (Cevin Key project) was played next with their track Effector from Vagator. Cevin Key is originally from Canada, added to the list of Canadian played on the show. Cevin now resides in Los Angeles. Check out his Subconscious label for all his side project and current projects. Jeremy Greenspan from Junior Boys followed Download with his track Sirius Shake that he contributed to the Everybody Dance Now compilation. From Toronto we heard Digits' Lost Dream.  From Montreal we heard from Austra and What We Done from Olympia. Montag (another Canadian) provided the show with Trip the Light Fantastic and the Last Call from Phases. The show ended with Dapni's Long from Jialong.

Picture of Pompeii Italy

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