On Air
November 14th 2017

originally aired 14 Nov 2017

Ever thought about personal mannerisms? (*cue crickets in case this seemed like a serious question just laid down abruptly*) I guess one of mine dawned on me his morning (or perhaps being partially sick got me to it): I seem to laugh at the most random times throughout this episode, but hey, I guess it's better than dead air.

At any rate, today's episode features more great selections from wonderful artists, as well as an interesting contrast in genre (as what I attempted to express near the end of the episode, although to what can be understood from it, I don't know) while having a musically technical analysis for just about a minute. (I guess that, being myself a musician, we tend to delve into, and appreciate, the technical aspects of music annd what goes on behind).

Despite the cold (and a cold), it was a fun MNT hour!