On Air
September 13th 2017

September 13, 2017 Cosmik Repercussions show started out with a jazzy electro feel. The show starts off with a new release Get You Out from the Walkwaves. This was followed by ambient electro jazz music from Roger O'Donnell who has been a member of The Cure. From the album Truth in Me Released on Roger's own 99 x 100 label we heard the tracks He Sent You an Angel and This is a Story. Ree decided to continue the jazz electro theme with music from Zero Db a jazz ensemble that infuse elements of electronic music and mixing. We heard Bongos, Bleeps and Basslines and Te Quiero from their first release Bongos, Bleeps and Basslines and The Snare from a Fluid Ounce label compilance called Fluid Ounce Unmeasured. This set was followed by ethno electronic music from Bonobo with tracks Fever and Recurring from the album Days to Come. Ree returned to a new music set featuring Freekazoidz and Fujiya and Miyagi. The show completely changes themes with a series of Krafwerk covers from artsits who use video game consoles 8 bit computers. Artists featured were Bacalo who cover The Robots, Glomag who cover Pocket Calculator and Receptors who cover Trans Europe Express.

  • Time
  • 11:37
    Midnight for a While
    Get You Out
  • 11:42
    The Truth in Me
    He Sent You Angels
  • 11:51
    The Truth in Me
    This Is a Story
  • 11:58
    Bongs, Bleeps and Basslines
    Bongs Bleeps and Basslines
  • 12:04
    Fluid Ounce Unmeasured
    The Snare
  • 12:11
    Bongos Bleeps and Basslines
    Te Quiero
  • 12:17
    Days to Come
    The Fever
  • 12:21
    Days to Come
  • 12:26
    Extended Dance Mix
  • 12:30
    I Saw You Dancing EP (Secret Angels)
    Early Morning House
  • 12:33
    I Saw You Dancing EP (Secret Angels)
    Deep Lake
  • 12:44
    8 Bit Operators - Kraftwerk Remixes
    The Robots
  • 12:47
    8 Bit Operators - Kraftwerk Remixes
    Pocket Calculator
  • 12:51
    8 Bit Operators
    Trans Europe Express
  • 12:54
    Born in the Echoes
    EML Ritual