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December 2nd 2019


This week I focused on indie rock band Close Talker and their new album titled "How Do We Stay Here."

Tune in! 

1- Where are you from and how did the band come to be?

We are from Saskatoon, SK and we all grew up together in the north end of Saskatoon. The catalyst for the band was a mutual friend of ours, rallying us together to form a wedding band for him and his wife. We agreed to form a band just for the wedding and prepared about an hour's worth of material. We had so much fun and stretched it somehow to two hours. After that, we decided to get together and do a few open mics. The rest is history. 

2- How would you define your music? What genre? Who are your biggest influences?

We are an indie rock band, whatever that means. We are definitely a bit more introspective these days, but we certainly pour a lot of energy into the live show and like to have fun. We love bands that don't follow any trends. Bands like Radiohead and The National. Those two have been consistent influences throughout the band's life. 

3- What is the inspiration behind the album "How Do We Stay Here"? 

We decided to make an album and really tried to commit to a theme and vibe, not just a collection of songs. The album wrestles with the concept of time and how no one is exempt from its effects, both positive and negative. The songs celebrate the power that time has and how we try to recognize those moments in life that are poignant and cherish them as they are inevitably fleeting. 

4- Why was that album name chosen?

Again, the album is an effort to just remain in a moment and enjoy it for all that it has to offer. Not always so obsessed with the future, but trying to harvest your current state for all its worth. 

5-What is your favourite song on the album? Why? 

Hmm... that is tough. I really like the song arm's length. It is minimal and really showcases quiet confidence that we've come to enjoy within our music. The song just meanders about and doesn't try overly hard to evoke a big response from the audience, but I think that is its charm. 

Thanks again to the band for giving me their insight on their new album! 

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