On Air
February 28th 2019

Recent findings have shown that gut microbiota, or the bacteria, fungi, and viruses that are found in our intestines, have significant impacts on our health. Cassandra Francella, a 2nd year Master's student in the Neuroscience Graduate Program, is contributing to this flourishing field by examining how genetics and our environment interact to alter the gut microbiome. Tune in to Episode 107 to learn more about Cass' important work and you may also learn about her latest cooking adventures! 

To learn more about Cass and her research, you can follow her on twitter here

  • Time
  • 5:02
    Dana Swarbrick
    Fireflies and Starlight
    Pretty Girls
  • 5:18
    Steve Strongman
    A Natural Fact
    Haven't Seen It Yet

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