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August 17th 2018

2018 Manic Street Preachers

2008 The Metros

UK 1968 The Crazy World of Arthur Brown

Manics futile
The metros   album1cover
Crazyworld2 lrg 1402935565
  • Time
  • 7:03
    Head Roxx
    Party Looks
  • 7:05
    The Ragamuffins
    Cause of Causes
    Line Up the Stars
  • 7:11
    Streetcar Conductors
    The Very Best of Streetcar Conductors
    Let's Not Say We Did
  • 7:13
    Coffee Jam
    Bringin' It In
  • 7:21
    Manic Street Preachers
    Resistance Is Futile
    International Blue
  • 7:25
    The Metros
    More Money Less Grief
    Last of the Lookers
  • 7:28
    The Crazy World of Arthur Brown
    S / T
  • 7:32
    Dot Dash
    Proto Retro
    Dead Letter Rays
  • 7:34
    Vista Kicks
    20 Something Nightmare
    Live You're Gonna
  • 7:37
    You're Among Friends
    In Due Time EP
    Until the Next Girl Comes Along
  • 7:41
    Cuddly Shark
    S / T
    La Barba
  • 7:45
    Prima Donna
    S / T
    Culture Vulture
  • 7:48
    The Longshot
    Love Is For Losers
    Soul Surrender
  • 7:50
    The Struts
    Everybody Wants
    Put Your Hands Up
  • 7:53
    The Jangle Band
    The Guy Who Used To Care
  • 7:57
    Red 7
    S / T

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